Browse Month: September 2017

Fabletics Is A Brand To Be Reckoned With

There are few brands that have managed to earn such a reputation in such a short time. Several e-commerce giants including Amazon are sitting up and taking notice. This is because Fabletics has managed to make a dent in their profits.


Basically, Fabletics is a brand that is focused on, workout wear. It is designing and marketing workout wear for the upwardly mobile. In fact, this brand could not have come at a better time than this. People are realizing how important fitness is. Hence people are focusing on working out all the time. But people wish to look good too while they are working out. But women are having a bad deal here. There are simply no fashionable clothes for women in this genre. They have to manage with greys or blacks. In addition, all these are expensive too.


Anybody who works out knows really well how much the wear and tear will be, in case of people is doing workouts. Hence they require clothes that are affordable. This is why Fabletics is providing apparel that is fashionable, trendy, high-quality as well as affordable. Due to these reasons, the brand has made a mark in the industry.


Kate Hudson is a person who has become a name that is being associated with this brand. She is a person who is already known for being a fitness freak. In addition, she is a person who does not endorse anything just like that. She will use the products and will endorse them only she is satisfied with them. In addition, people can actually imagine Kate running around and playing with her kids wearing the clothes from Fabletics.


The marketing strategy of Fabletics is highly efficient and unique. Here people are made customers even before they buy a product. When a person goes to the site or even to their physical store, they are first asked to fill in a questionnaire. In this they are asked to fill in their workout schedule, their body type, and their workout style and so on. In this way the brand comes to know a lot about the customer.


Now based on this information, a gift is sent to that person. Since the brand is so sure about their quality, hence they are positive that the person will like it too. Now the person is asked to take a VIP membership. In this, the member gets major discounts on whatever workout wear they buy each year. Besides, they are the first to be informed about the new styles that have come in.


In addition, this questionnaire allows Fabletics to know what kind of clothes will be liked by that customer. Hence they can sort out some for them.


This is really good for a person as these people do not have much time. Hence it is a time-saver for them. Besides, they would always feel good that a fashion diva like Kate Hudson is designing clothes for them. All this is working very well for Fabletics.