The Conservative Campaign Against George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman, activist, and humanitarian. He is also a billionaire that donates money to many liberal causes in the United States and abroad. It is no wonder then that he has become a lightning rod for criticism for conservative leaning talk show host, Glenn Beck. An article called “Puppetry” written in the New Yorker in 2010 outlined the campaign against Soros and what it entails.

Glenn Beck is one of the highest viewed hosts on Fox News. He has devoted much of his time to speaking out against George Soros and the organizations he donates too. Beck devoted three of his hour long talk shows to attacking George Soros. The episodes had promotional ads that attempted to draw at viewers emotions by using imagery from the Holocaust. Black screens with superimposed, supposedly controversial, quotes from Soros on his experience during the reign of the Third Reich were followed by images of Jewish ghettos during the Holocaust and praying Jews. This was then followed by pictures of an anonymous middle aged man peering over his shoulder, while a ever growing sound of a heartbeat played in the background.

This was all apart of the campaign against Soros that Fox News and Glenn Beck have waged for year. The quotes used in the ad were from a Connie Bruck article in the New Yorker, and taken out of context to make Soros look like an anti-Semite on This, however, was very far from the truth as Soros is an ardent supporter of anti-Totalitarian and humanitarian causes.

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Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 and grew up under Nazi rule. He hid in plain sight as his father hid his Jewish identity with forged documents and identities. After surviving the atrocities of the Holocaust, Soros moved to England and studied at the London School of Economics. He had a talent for finance and soon got a job on Wall Street and became wealthy. His parents moved to the United States after the Soviets crushed the Hungarian Revolution.

Most of Soros’s donations were made to pro-democracy groups in the former Soviet bloc and he had a large hand in ending European communism. Viewers were not told about this on the Glenn Beck program, and they were instead told that Soros contributed mostly to campaigns of Democratic presidential candidates on Politico. Beck tried to paint Soros as evil and that he wanted to destroy America. These claims were denounced by the Anti-Defamation League and conservative groups and were outright lies.

Beck furthered his campaign but speaking of the revolutions in the Czech Republic, Georgia, and the Ukraine that Soros funded. He did not, however, tell his audience that the revolutions that Soros funded went to fight post-Communist dictatorships in these countries and were mostly peaceful. Beck gets away with these libelous accusations due to the fact he labels himself as an entertainer. He uses his position to continue his campaign against Soros, even though the facts point to Soros being a successful and peace loving humanitarian and philanthropist.

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