The World Of Malini Saba

Malini Saba is known to be one of the top investor Worldwide. Her first investments were in Silicon Valley around the 1990’s, where she invested in more than twenty companies. Some of companies were Ebay, Pay Pal Inc, and Net Screen Technologies. Saba is from Malaysia, but grew up in Australia, then she migrated to the United States when she was 19 years old. Saba is Philanthropist and also has investments in Oil in the United States, Gas in China and Real Estate in Australia and India.

Saba is also the founder of “Stree“, a Worldwide Investment Company for low income and at risk women and children. This non profit organization help them to acknowledge their place in today’s society. It also help them get healthcare, education and scholarships. To date Stree has helped over three thousand people. Saba began the World’s first Health Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital after donating $1 million in 2005. Also, when the Tsunami affected India and Sri Lanka, Saba pledge a sum of $10 million.

Malini Saba strongly believes that a woman in the White House, will give a lot of meaning to women Worldwide, to see themselves as leaders. She believes in that position a woman will be better at conflict. Saba also knows that it won’t be easy to be the first woman President of The United States but, she realizes Hilary Clinton will create strength. She pointed out Clinton credentials. After all she was First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. Who else has those honors? She knows Hilary Clinton is a great debater, because she keeps her composure under stress. So, she will keep America strong. She also said that everyone will be included on Clinton’s agenda, regardless of race, religion, stature or party. Cohesion will be the best fit for all.

Saba says that women should have more compassion towards each other, because we had to fight our way to the top. Encouragement is her watch word. She knows that there are skills that are geared more towards women than men. Knowing too, that we are the masters at multi tasking, she urges women to help each other. She used a quote from Indira Gandhi, which says, “You cannot shake hand with a closed fist’. Help each other, she urges. Lift each other up and stop judging. Woman can change the world. To read more, please click here.